Efficient treatment of alcohol dependence

Medicus Alpha Plovdiv Clinic is among the few medical centers that provide complex treatment of alcohol dependence. Our practice follows a world standard and therapeutic protocol including multidisciplinary care for the patient and complex approach to all mental and psychological aspects of their suffering. This model ensures better safety and guarantees greater efficiency of outcomes. The mental care that onsets yet on the first day of the detox program improves the patent’s chances for a successful start into the process of curing the ailment. Each patient is being cared by a variety of medical professionals prepared to take measures on every stage of overcoming and treating the somatic complications in alcohol dependence.

Medicus Alpha Clinic provides absolute confidentiality to its patients. They are accommodated in individual, fully furnished rooms and if the patient wishes, a companion may stay also.

Treatment may begin at any time of the week, including weekends and official holidays, provided that vacancy is available.
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